(Promo starts 11/10, runs through 12/28)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I enter?

A: Text the 9 digit code found on your specially marked DORITOS® Tortilla Chips bag from a meal deal at participating Taco Bell locations to 24477 (CHIPS). Msg & Data rates may apply. To enter without purchase or incurring text message charges, call 1-800-352-1335.

Q: Where do I find the code on the Doritos® bag?

A: The 9 digit code can be found on the front right hand side of the bag under the "Guaranteed Fresh" date.

Q: I texted in my bag code and it didn't work, help me!

A: Make sure that the code you are texting in is 9 digits long and the one printed on the front right of the bag. If the code is longer than 9 digits, only text the first 9 digits, if you are still having issues, call 1-800-352-1335 or email

Q: I received a text saying that my code has already been used. Now what?

A: If you think you got this message in error, call 1-800-352-1335 or email

Q: How many times may I enter?

A: You may enter one time per day per phone number/method of entry.

Q: How old do I have to be to enter?

A: You have to be 18 years of age at the time you enter.

Q: I won gold! How do I get my prize?

A: Congratulations! If you won via text message, click on the link in the text message that said you're a winner and follow the instructions to claim your prize within 7 days. If you won via the toll free #, you would have been required to provide your mailing information and choice of gold coins or cash while on the phone. Potential Grand Prize winners via text or the toll free # are subject to verification and will receive paperwork via mail to read, fill out, sign and return prior to being confirmed a winner. Potential Grand and First Prize winners who are minors (under 19 in Alabama or Nebraska) will also receive paperwork that will need to be read, filled out, signed and returned prior to being confirmed a winner. Verified winners will have their prizes shipped to them within 8-12 weeks of verification.

Q: How long does the promotion last?

A: The promotion runs from November 10, 2011 to December 28, 2011.

Q: What are the Official Rules of the promotion?

A: The Official Rules can be found by clicking here.

Q: How much gold can I win?

A: You can win either $190 or $1,000 dollars in real gold! The price of gold fluctuates, but the prize values are based on the price of gold as of August 2, 2011.

Q: If I win, what form does the gold get delivered to me in?

A: Verified winners will get the gold in American Eagle Gold Coins (equivalent dollar value is also an option upon request).

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For additional questions or other help please call 1-800-352-1335 or email